7 Most Effective Drinks To Burn Fat

  The world, today, will be spooky along with overweight. Males, women, women, boys- everybody. It has switch an immensely critical issue of check out for nutritionists all around a world. And to maintain adult the agility, here are 7 beverages that assistance bake the physique body fat : one Green Tea : This is […]

My Insurance Company Killed Me, Despite Obamacare

T-KONI Publisher : Daily Beast Date Published : Mon, 24 Nov 2014 02:49:13 -0800 My health-insurance company has refused to explain why, on every visit, these doctors accepted my Health Republic/MagnaCare card, and assured me I was “in network”… or why the doctors I saw appeared in the insurance company's website of providers… Read more […]

Ozone for Medical Therapy

This is a little weird to listen to ozone used for healthcare therapy. Isn’t ozone higher on the sky? This is true that we all mostly know ozone since the layer of fuel on the atmosphere protecting the earth surface through UV radiation from the particular sun. Well, we listen to a great deal about […]